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Online Law Degree : Online Law Degrees

Online Law Degree

Law degrees from reputable universities and colleges are now available online. State of the art application of information technology offers flexibility and excellent course instructions. For those who want to cultivate a career in the different law applications, there are many degree programs available. Whether you want to be a practicing lawyer, get a job as a law consultant or researcher, or as a professional law educator, there is an online degree program for you.

It is important to remember that law schools have a stringent requirement when it comes to accepting applicants in their programs, whether it is their on-campus programs or in their online programs. Good undergraduate degree grades, a talent for communication, and analytical thinking are among the many specifications that admission centers look for in potential law students.

There is the Juris Doctor program that helps individuals to be eligible for a wide scope of career opportunities in the law profession. After graduation, students may take the bar exam and qualify to practice law. But for those whose interests lie in the teaching of law, and not in its practice, there are programs that cultivate a deep understanding and analyses of the practice of law. Students may also go into specialized course programs such as those that train law practitioners in the healthcare setting.

Whatever course program you choose for your online law degree, you must be sure to obtain your degree from a duly accredited institution. You do not want to be spending a lot of money and time on a program that will not qualify you to take the bar exam or to practice. Look for institutions that are registered with the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), a nationally recognized accrediting agency listed by the U.S. Department of Education. It is also a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) organization.

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Online Law Degree : Beware of Scholarship Scams

Online Law Degree

Beware of Scholarship Scams about Online Law Degrees.

Don't get carried away by reading tall claims on a website about scholarship for an online law degree. Get enough information about the online law degree scholarship before taking the plunge. Students and parents are advised to review and reconsider the claims made on the websites.

Lets have a look at typical claims these sites can make:

Scam 1 - Money Back Guarantee for an Online Law Degree
Who can guarantee a scholarship? Know for a fact that they just want your credit card details. Never reveal your credit card information to such crooks. They say 'This scholarship will cost you some money'. Raise your eyebrows and ask 'Why'?

Scam 2 – Privileged Information about an Online Law Degree Scholarship
Crooks will claim - 'You can't get this information elsewhere.' That is not true. Thanks to online libraries and career service centers you can get plenty of information about an online law degree scholarship.

Scam 3 – Instant Online Law Degree Scholarship
'We will do all the work' they claim - why should they do this favor for you so that you can get an online law degree? 'Get your online law degree in weeks' – why would the rest of us spend years for an online law degree if we could all instantly get a valid online law degree in weeks?

Scam 4 - Finalist for an Online Law Degree Scholarship
Often you will get a flash message on your browser 'You are a finalist' or 'You have been selected for an online law degree scholarship.' That's news! If you didn't participate in a contest, how come you are a finalist for an online law degree scholarship? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Research an Online Law Degree Scholarship
Don't feel on top of the world when you are offered a scholarship for an online law degree. Do some basic research to assess the authenticity of the foundation or program which 'guarantees' a scholarship for an online law degree.

FinAid recommends that students be cautious of the financial aid seminars that guarantee success and eventually take you for a ride.

It pays to keep your eyes wide open before taking the plunge for an online law degree. Don't become a statistic by being defrauded by a scholarship scam in pursuit of an online law degree.

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Online Law Degree : If You Are Good at Science and Want Good Money Consider a Patent Law Degree

Online Law Degree

What is Patent Law - Intellectual Property Law?

There are four main types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. The patent system exists in most industrialized countries and is designed to reward inventors and authors. Patents are granted by the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where patents are carefully examined and protection granted for those that meet legal standards.

Copyright protection is governed by federal law and applies to literary, musical and dramatic works, to name a few. The owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies of their work. Limited use of the copyright work is allowed for education and research purposes without the permission of the copyright owner.

Trademarks can be a single word, or a group of words or a logo that is used for sale of goods. The owner of a trademark can exclude others from using it in the sales of their goods. It not only protects the trademark owner but the public as well as it minimizes confusion, and buying something that is in fact something else.

Required Education and Coursework

Patent law is a specialized field within the practice of law. To enter into this profession, you will need to accomplish a number of things. First you will have to obtain a college degree. Then you will have to enter and finish law school as well as pass the bar exam. Once you pass the bar exam, you then become licensed to practice law.

If you are thinking about specializing in patent law, it is best if you obtain a college degree in engineering, physics or natural sciences such as chemistry and biochemistry. To succeed in this profession a general knowledge, understanding and liking of science is a must.

Patent law degree programs cover courses such as intellectual property, copyright law, patent law and policy, trademark law and unfair competition, antitrust, bioethics, genetics and the law, international intellectual property, international trade law as well as patent claim drafting. This list is in no way exhaustive but it does give you an idea of the curriculum and skills targeted and developed within this profession.

Careers with Patent Law Degree

Patent lawyers work in a variety of settings, from corporations and law firms to universities and government agencies. In corporations, you would work as an in-house counsel. You would have expertise in the technology of your corporations and your main task would be driven by the business of the corporation. In law firms, you would have a wide variety of clients and would practice patent law across a wide spectrum of technologies. At universities, you could work as a law professor. In these types of positions, you would not only teach but have the time to do research and write articles and presentations on intellectual property law. The federal government employs a large number of patent lawyers. In this role you would represent the government and litigate on behalf of government agencies.

A Day in the Life of a Patent Lawyer

Patent lawyers spend most of their time in procurement and licensing of patents. Procurement of a patent begins with the inventor describing his/her invention to the lawyer. You would then have to evaluate your client's description and think about its utility, novelty and obviousness of invention. Your job at this stage is to evaluate if your client's idea can be labeled a valuable patent and if a patent application should be filed. In order to accomplish this task successfully you will have to have great mastery of law but also the technical field involved.

Let's say a decision is based to apply for a patent. Your job then is to draft a patent application and file it with USPTO. The application is rather elaborate and includes a detailed description of the patent, how it is made and how it will be used. A significant portion of the application defines the inventor's patent rights. Once filed, the application is assigned to an examiner. As a patent lawyer, you would be the main contact person for the examiner and would need to spend many hours in correspondents with the goal of getting a favorable final action for your client.

If the patent application is not approve, you would be responsible for filling appeals to the decision to the USPTO's Board of Appeals or even to the US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit. However, if the patent application is approved, you will then develop and investigate licensing and filing corresponding patent applications in other countries.

Patent Lawyer Salary - How much could you make?

If you like what you read about patent law so far, you are going to love what comes next! According to PayScale.com, in 2005 the average patent lawyer salary was $115,000. The American Intellectual Property Law Association reports the average salary to be over $180,000. If this surprises you, it should not. Keep in mind that you must have a strong science or engineering background in order to become a patent attorney. Due to such high education demands, this specialization of law is more in-demand that other legal areas of practice. As a result, salaries are high.

Maja Aleksic has a doctorate in education psychology and has worked for both the Arizona State Department of Education as well as a prominent Arizona High School District. For more tips and advice on choosing the best online law degree program, courses and career opportunities go to http://www.Select-Online-Degree.com/law_degree_online.html for up to date education news.

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Online Law Degree : How To Find The Best Online Law Degree Course For You

Online Law Degree

It seems that everybody wants to be a lawyer these days, and who can blame them? We live in a world of growing crimes rates with statistics that are enough to terrify even the most optimistic of people. Divorce rates are higher than ever before and every man and his dog seems to be involved in some sort of lawsuit. Unfortunately, that is just the way society has gone, although it is extremely good news for the law industry. As a result of all of the above, the prospects for law students are endless and the degree has been rising in popularity to reflect that. College and university online law degrees are offered by most institutions out there, but in order to make a success of the course, you need to be able to pick the best one for you.

Firstly, before choosing one law course, shortlist a few. Take factors such as reputation and rates of success of the individual law schools online. Only shortlist college and university online law degrees that you think will help you to get ahead. If a law school online has a bad reputation then it is unlikely to add anything to your career. This is a major consideration when you are taking a college and university online law degree, purely and simply because there are so many people trying to get into and progress within the law profession. Only when you have a shortlist of potential schools should you select the course you ultimately go on to take.

Always make sure that you thoroughly investigate the course content. This is the only way to differentiate between different college and university online law degrees. Law schools online cannot be separated by the degree of flexibility they offer and, if you follow the idea above, then the possible colleges cannot be separated by reputation.

Different college and university online law degrees target different students. Some are designed for those with no previous experience of law whilst others are aimed at professionals who want to further their careers. The only way that you will know exactly who it is aimed at is to check out the course content of law schools online. Similarly, you need to decide which aspect of law you want to focus on, because that will largely decide the course you take for you. Criminal, family and property law are all popular courses, but there are many more to choose from. Only by comparing the different college and university online law degrees can you truly figure out what the best law course for you actually is.

This may all sound like work in itself, but choosing an online law course is a big decision to make. It can effectively define your path in life and make or break a potential career. Attention to detail is necessary to find the best college and university online law degree and give you a firm foundation to build upon.

You can also find more information at ProgramsOnline Accredited Degree and Online Nursing Degrees. Onlineuniversitydegreehelp.com is a comprehensive resource to know importance of college degree.

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Online Law Degree : Get an Online Law Degree - 3 Simple Steps

Online Law Degree

Do you dread going to work in the morning? Do you wish you had a better, higher-paying job you were more passionate about? Well, today is your day to stand up to your fears and pursue your dreams of becoming a lawyer! Now is the time to get an online law degree.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I was in the same spot last year. I hated going to work and I spent every day counting the hours until I could go home. In December, I decided that life was not supposed to be like this! I started collecting information and building a strategy to get an online degree.

Now I want to help you achieve your dreams! I've outlined the three basic steps I went through not only to get accepted into an online degree program, but also to secure a $15,000 scholarship to help pay for my degree. You can do this, too!

The 3 Easy Steps

1) Gather information

In order to get started on your journey to a better life you need to gather information. A prerequisite to this is knowing yourself; what do you want to do with your life? As soon as you define what type of online law degree you want, you need to research which online universities offer that degree. So where should you look? Read on and I'll make it very easy for you!

2) Secure student loans

With the economy upside down right now, this is not as trivial as it once was. When you know which law degree program you're interested in, you need to find student loans to pay for your schooling. This can be a daunting task, but keep reading on and I'll make it crystal clear for you!

3) Find scholarship money

Did you know that there is over $3 billion worth of scholarships available to people like you? But where is that money? Keep reading on and I'll guide you through these steps so you can be on your way to a better life!

Can you contain your excitement? You're only a mouse click away from improving your life with an online law degree! I want to empower you with the information necessary to achieve that better, higher-paying dream job. Now you get the idea, but what next? If you want to see the exact steps I took to get accepted with a $15,000 scholarship, follow me here. You owe it to yourself!

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Online Law Degree : What to Consider When Choosing

Online Law Degree

Now more than ever people are looking into ways to earn a degree at home. Either by video, CD, or online. This is likely a combination of things, including the ever greater demand for higher education in the workforce and the often chaotic schedules and home lives of many Americans. It should come as no surprise then that would be lawyers would be interested in a distance learning law degree.

The path to earning a law degree from home, however, is not nearly as easy or straightforward as for other careers. The American bar Association, which sets the guidelines for 49 of the 50 states bar exams refuses to accredit any distance based law programs. This means that you be able to take the bar exam in those states and become a lawyer. You can however, earn a degree online that is approved by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California, which will allow you to practice law in both the state of California and in a federal court if you pass the California bar exam. After practicing law for 5 to 7 years in California you will generally be eligible to take the bar exam in another state.

This has no bearing on Executive Track Juris Doctor degrees, or law degrees designed for professionals not interested in taking the bar exam and actually practicing law. Those who simply wish to work in the legal field, or perhaps want to expand their options in the business world, can earn a distance learning law degree from any institution regardless of its ABA approval. Be aware that some potential employers may hold a bias against online degree programs.

Convincing your potential employer that your distance learning law degree is legit and every bit as rigorous as a traditional program you will need to look for a couple things. Make sure the school of your choice is regionally accredited, if it is not, then your ability to find employment or seek further degrees and education at other institutions will be seriously limited. It is also recommended to choose a distance learning law degree offered by a school with an established on campus law degree program, even better if this on campus program is in fact ABA accredited. Beware international universities, their courses may not be the same as those used in the US, or recognized as on par with domestic law degree programs.

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Online Law Degree : How to Find an Accredited Online Law Degree Program

Online Law Degree

Going to law school is an experience that is both incredibly challenging and immensely rewarding. Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to study law at a university. Not only is it expensive and difficult to get in, but law school is also very demanding of your time. There are many people who want to study law but are constrained by the requirements of their work or family. Perhaps you are such a person, who would like to earn a law degree but cannot take time off to attend university classes. In that case, you are the perfect candidate to go for an online law degree. Such online degrees are now available at many law universities, who are receptive to meeting the demand for online law programs for the growing number of people who require them.

Through an online law program, you can work to achieve the degree of Juris Doctor, which can possibly allow you to get into legal practice, depending on whether you choose to take the Bar program or the Executive program. If you take the Bar track, you will enroll in a four year program that is geared towards preparing you to take the state bar exam, which on passing will qualify you to practice law as an attorney. However, you can instead choose to take the Executive JD program, which is a three year course that will provide you with basically the same legal education, but will not qualify you to take the bar exam in your state or any other.

When you are looking into an online law degree program, it is important to check whether the program has the proper accreditation. That usually means accreditation by the American Bar Association (ABA), which is the leading national association for attorneys in the United States. If the program you take does not have the approval of the ABA, then you will not be allowed to sit for a bar exam in any state with the possible exception of California. (Programs accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California may qualify law students to sit for the bar exam, but only in California.)

You also have to consider the costs and financing options related to the online law degree program of your choice. Distance law programs, including online law degree programs, are on the whole less expensive than attending a traditional law course at the university. That is one of the reasons why getting an online law degree can be an attractive option to many.

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Online Law Degree : Here's a Quick Way To An Online Law Degree Program

Online Law Degree

Long before the appearance of courses on the internet, a woman named Margery Shaw undertook the pursuit of a post graduate degree. After Dr. Margery Shaw chose to concentrate on issues related to medical genetics, she encountered many legal questions. She went back to college and got a law degree. This took place about 30 years ago, in other words long before the introduction of any online law degree program.

Today someone with a medical education background with good knowledge of medical genetics could easily enroll in a online law degree program. With this additional knowledge, they could prepare themselves to offer the society some much-needed advice. Now, let's take a look at some of the most emerging concerns that might be addressed by someone who has taken a law degree program online.

Urgent concerns addressed in a online law degree program

A program like this has been known to offer courses in evidence law. Someone with a background in medical genetics could make good money by learning about evidence and related law issues. They could then serve as consultants or advisors in the courtroom. If a jury were presented with DNA evidence, then the degree-holder could offer guidance to the jury members.

An online program like this most often offers courses on heath care law. The fact that the population is aging and will continue to increase in age in thecoming years, has introduced our society to many new legal issues. Such issues are carefully addressed in a online law degree program.

A program like this might also have courses on wills and trusts. These days many law students have come to realize the importance of learning about wills and trusts. Today society have to deal with more than one kind of will.

We have still much to learn

Gone are the days when a will have to be a piece of paper with directives from a deceased individual. The society of today also deals with living wills. Such new and emerging issues are the sort of thing handled by courses in an online law degree program.

Courses in programs like these might also provide students with information on intellectual property law. This too is a new and fast growing area of the field of law. Since emergence of the web has given rise to the need for courses on intellectual property law, it is appropriate that such information might be offered in a online law degree program.

As you can see from the information presented above, enrollment in an online program is an excellent way to bone-up on the latest legal issues, and is a great way to prepare for some sort of law-related career.

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Online Law Degree : Get Your Very Own Law Degree Online

Online Law Degree

Nowadays, the Internet is just the same as other facilities as it offers the ability to get academic degrees without having to go to classrooms at all. Online degrees help people who can't go to class because of family or other needs. People also sometimes want to complete certain courses from specific countries although there are problems financially and with the distance. This article deals with the only answer to this, which are online degrees.

Here are the simple necessities when it comes to online degrees. One needs a computer connected to the Internet and a credit card with the money for the course's completion. You could find lots of law schools, universities and colleges that allow people to get online degrees in law.

Subscribers for online law degrees should take every exam including twelfth grade exams. There are certified courses on the Internet from Law schools and colleges for people with other courses who don't want the regular complete law course. You need a credit card for online law degrees but prior to utilizing your card, you first need to think about fake web links to keep the information on your cards or bank accounts safe from hackers.

After getting a subscription, you'll get the materials from the institute with a specific ID. Sometimes, the materials are in PDF; you'll read them and take exams on specified dates. There are risks like power interruptions or Internet failures on these exams but the institutes allow them to be retaken by spending one dollar.

The famous institutes that offer online law degrees are Concord law school, Kaplan College and University.

Before you consider any online degree check out our online law degree programs and also our Law degree online advice and tips

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